Logistics is becoming more critical to business success by the day. If you can deliver fast, you get the business. The keyword in an efficient value chain today is the service level. Logistics therefore becomes an important tool in differentiating yourself from the competition. At Lavik Logistics we aspire to deliver reliability with our own technology enabled fleet of trucks. We are completely transparent and provide end-to-end visibility and tracking to our customers. All our vehicles are GPS-enabled with the live feed of the GPS coordinates available to our customers. Through our well-established network we can deliver anywhere in India.

We sit down with our customers and really listen to their needs. We get to know their company, and their industry. And we develop logistics solutions accordingly. We understand the importance of safety of the consignments and continuously innovate to provide the most secure and damage-free way of moving the shipments. We communicate the importance of all shipment and parcels to our loaders and on ground staff.

Customers across sectors have leveraged our FTL service to ensure highest level of efficiencies in their supply chains. Our clients leverage significant reduction in Turnaround Time (TAT) and higher reliability to reinvent their business models – serving new markets, reducing inventory and significantly cutting costs.

Our unique operational model, complete transparency, use of technology and constant innovation is what sets us apart. Please feel free to reach us at [email protected]